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TenZor M.E.D.A is ANSYS Israeli Chanel Partner certificated to support ANSYS software and an engineering consulting company with the use of ANSYS products, located in Ness-Ziona, Israel.
The company was established by Mr. Yoram Dayan, a veteran mechanical engineer from IMI and from Elbit Systems with experience of over 14 years in various aspects of aerospace and mechanical engineering.
TenZor is an exclusive provider of leading Israeli companies in the fields of Engineering design, analysis of structure and CFD areas and thermal analysis.
TenZor performed many Aerodynamic, mechanical as well as CFD thermal simulations using ANSYS CFD, ANSYS MULTIPHASIC and ANSYS-AUTODYN.
TenZor is an ANSYS Inc. certified seller and support provider.
Among our clients are Elbit Systems, SCD Semiconductor Devices, Rafael, Israel Electric Corporate, Plasson and others.
The company's vision is to become the knowledge center for FEA-related engineering consulting. Hence, we have adopted an approach that includes thorough familiarity with ANSYS programs in order to deliver answers based on customer's platform and to provide a complete ANSYS software support if required.
Tenzor is currently the leading company in Israel for CFD analysis, Structural Analysis and multi-physics Fluid-Structure Interface (FSI) problems.
Tenzor have become the largest established CFD Israel center for the distribution of CFD software and Structural analysis software in Israel Market.

We Focus on Customer Satisfaction